Our Challenge Programs provide Classical Christian community for home school families with students in grades 7th-12th. We meet once a week on Thursdays for fifteen weeks in the fall and fifteen weeks in the winter/spring months.

Based on the Classical Model of education, students at this age move into the dialectic and rhetoric phases of learning. Students utilize our academically challenging curriculum, which is appropriately named the Challenge Curriculum. This curriculum involves Saxon Math, Apologia sciences, classic literature, writing reports, debates, and much more. Student develop and strengthen the life-long learning skills of grammar, exposition, debate, logic, rhetoric, and research. This curriculum is supplemented by weekly classroom time with a trained Challenge Director/Tutor.

Many parents feel inadequate to home school their students through the high school years. Our Challenge programs can help by modeling how to school with confidence during these very important years. Being involved in our Challenge program also helps direct you through your transcript and college preparation needs, by keeping you well-informed and providing the tools you need for your record keeping.

We call each level a Challenge rather than a grade as we want students to be enrolled in the level they are prepared to study. Our Panama City Campus is offering Challenge A, Challenge B and Challenge I for the 2013-2014 school year. Each class is limited to 12 students.

Challenge A (7th-8th grade)

Challenge A seeks to introduce middle school students to the whole concept of the Challenge Program. It is a mix of grammar and dialectic materials and teaching methods. The amount of reading is purposefully limited to give students more time to work on their writing skills. The program is not necessarily easy; it is just not as demanding as the other Challenge levels so both students and parents can adjust to the methods used by Classical Conversations. Learn More.

Challenge B (8th-9th grade)

Challenge B is much like Challenge A in that reading assignments are again limited to allow students to work on their dialectic skills. However, the program is more difficult as these are truly high school level subjects. Challenge B will prepare the students for the faster pace of Challenges I through IV in high school and is designed to encourage the students to stretch and excel in academics. Learn More.

Challenge I (9th-11th grade)

In Challenge I students are encouraged to think deeply and critically while improving their writing and research skills. This Challenge, along with Challenge II has the largest volume of reading and writing. Most students in these two Challenges are not driving, working, interviewing with colleges, or writing scholarship essays, therefore, they have more time to concentrate on their academics. This is a good time to intensify home schooling academics because as soon as they are sixteen years old a lot more opportunities are available to both educate and distract students. Learn More.

Challenge II (9th-12th grade)

In Challenge II, students study Western ideas focusing on European and cultural studies. British literature, Latin II, traditional logic, advanced algebra, Western cultural history, American drama, and biology provide a well-rounded academic core. Group discussions and projects gain depth and importance at this level. Learn More.

Challenge III (10th-12th grade)

Coming Fall 2015
Challenge III conceptualizes abstract ideas, which improves clear thinking. In addition, Challenge III encourages students to polish their literary writing, presenting, and analytical skills. Latin, Shakespeare and poetry, American history, chemistry, advanced logic and philosophy, and higher level mathematics integrate student learning skills across academic subjects. Learn More.